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International Buyer Program
The International Buyer Program is a free service Reserved for International Buyers of Italian products. The Institute for the protection of Italian Manufacturers has developed a specific program to satisfy national and international buyers.
The program offers a unique opportunity to combine the visit to Italy and personalized, tailor-made B2B meetings in order to facilitate the exchange of information and the connection between supply and demand.

Who can take part in the Incoming Buyer Program?
Decision makers from international companies willing to purchase 100% Made in Italy products. ITPI offers also to Italian Manufacturers the opportunity to recommend their major clients and/or their prospects to invite them to visit the exhibition as a "hosted buyer".

Which are the advantages of taking part in the program?
Professionals admitted in the program will benefit from:
- Contribution for travel and accommodation expenses
- B2B meetings, pre-scheduled appointments through our online matchmaking platform
- Welcome kit (Trade Show catalogue, pocket guide, etc.)
Contact us directly:

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