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Made in Italy Certificate



Briefly some notes on how to get the 100% Made in Italy Certification.

The Institute for Protection of Italian Manufacturers has set up a certification system. Through this certificate the manufacturers may discern their production from the others with doubtful origin, giving to final consumer the guarantee on the origin and quality of their products.


The Certification procedure starts with the voluntary sanction by the Company of "IT01 System" Regulation and the Certification Request.
Some of the essential requisites are:
- good raw materials
- products entirely manufactured in Italy
- components and parts exclusively Made in Italy and of first quality
- exclusive designs of the Company
- products made in conformity with safety and hygienic rules

The Institute checks the subsistence of this requisites and allows the Certification for 1 year. In three months following the Certification, an officer of the Institute will go on to the completion of the investigation with the attainment of necessary documents and drowing up the Disciplinary. By the fourth month the officer accords to the Company the Certification's achievement. The Company will be then a member of the National Register of Italian Manufacturers.


The Institute has set up a traceability system for the products that have been certificated "100% Made in Italy". The certificated Company must use the distuinguishing signs, followed by the code number and the anti-imitation brand , applying them on the products. The collective brands can be used on the packaging, entered on the headed paper, exposed in trade fairs and disclosed on the advertising media and the websites. The Institute since 10 years allows to consumerCertify your product To obtain the Certification you can contact the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers.

For over ten years the ITPI has given the possibility to consumers and retailers to check the true origin of the Italian products.